ToP® Participatory Strategic Planning

Empowering Groups to truly Succeed


Pre-Requisite: Group Facilitation Methods


Executives, managers, and consultants must maximize a group's potential to think and act strategically and find effective solutions to challenges. This course demonstrates practical techniques to get the synthesis of strategic thinking into the analysis of strategic planning. The ToP® participatory process achieves consensus among participants with diverse economic, political and cultural perspectives. For real vision instead of vague slogans, and real action instead of paper plans that gather dust, this course is a must.

Learn how to

  • Create an inspiring and inclusive vision everyone wants.
  • Identify underlying issues and systemic blockages safely.
  • Shape innovative strategy with group commitment.
  • Generate immediate and effective implementation.
  • Link vision and action back to mission, mandate and values.




ICA's participatory strategic planning process allows you to facilitate consensus and weave diverse perspectives into a common plan. 


The course utilizes 4 workshops that compose a strategic thinking process.  You will be able to lead these skills in face-to-face strategy meetings. 

Who is it for?

Human Development is for leaders who want to enable genuine transformation and positive change.

  • Organizational leaders will learn methods for lasting change.
  • Managers will discover ways to maintain positive engagement and motivation.
  • Community leaders will find ways to make deep change in the ways people relate to community change and development.
  • Facilitators will deepen their understanding of facilitation principles and transformative change.


This course is essential to become a well paid certified consultant in Japan and abroad.


Another great value to you as a participant in conversations and strategy meetings, this gives you an authentic way to contribute to less intentional meetings and events. 


All ICA's ToP® methods have in common an individual and group empowerment value not necessarily explicitly stated in the methods, but implicitly visible in their impact and results. This course makes the transformation explicit for the facilitator and shows how.

Key Methods Taught


This course integrates methods you have learned in Group Facilitation Methods and prepares you to lead any group in their preferred strategic direction. Transformational strategy utilizes long term Vision to grasp what may be possible, looking beneath Problems to Contradictions thinking, Focusing shorter term proposals into winning strategies, and quickly making synchronized actions plans to realize their true vision. You will become comfortable with your and the groups struggles as they go through transformational thinking and they celebrate possible actions they never thought were possible. 


When is this course given

To know when the next ToP® Transformational Strategy course will be given, please refer to our courses schedule.