Grassroots Whole Systems Approach

Pre-requisite: None 


The CRE is a five-day event about community revitalization as whole systems change. This is a practical, how-to lab on tools and methods for empowering communities and groups. The key to community revitalization lies in people working together to meet changing social and economic needs. The methods in this course have been used around the world for over 40 years.

  • Ensure grass roots participation.
  • Motivate groups to action.
  • Develop a grass roots vision.
  • Analyze the obstacles and create innovative strategies.
  • Convert plans into visible, do-able projects.
  • Build supportive relationships.
  • Sustain cross-sectoral collaboration.
  • Generate a sustainable development process.

Who is it for?

  • Community agencies, community development groups, community planners, community economic advisers, community relations officers, concerned citizens, environmentalists, private consultants, private business people.
  • Valuable for people who want to create a systemic economic, political or cultural change in a community.
  • Leaders who want to launch sustainable initiatives.
  • Consultants and volunteers who work with many community initiatives.
  • Those who need to understand how to interact with and support communities.


Increase community participation and involvement by adopting a community revitalization approach.

  • Learn to facilitate economic self-sufficiency, community identify and shared leadership
  • Increase motivation, commitment and competence in your community initiative
  • Increase levels of responsibility with tools to make resident’s efforts effective.

These methods and applications can increase your ability to catalyze initiatives in your community with:

  • Increased participation and involvement.
  • Deeper sense of purpose and motivation.
  • Sense of ownership and responsibility for their community.

Plan your project with maximum support and involvement of stakeholders. Keep your project moving; so people don't falter after a good beginning.

Key Methods Taught

The course includes theory, demonstration of methods, practice, examples, case studies and is highly participatory. This is a how-to course.


Approaches to Community Revitalization

  • Short Survey of Approaches to CR
  • Typical Development Impact Strategies
  • Citizen Participation
  • Social Economic and Cultural Principles of Whole System CR


Participatory Community Analysis

  • Historical Scan
  • The Social Process
  • The Gridding Method
  • Geo-Social Analysis


Participatory Planning

  • Framework of Support
  • The Function of the Community Consultation
  • Strategic Planning Introduction
  • Practical Vision
  • Underlying Obstacles
  • Strategic Directions


Participatory Implementation

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Action Planning
  • Eventful Implementation
  • Community Organization
  • Implementation Methods
  • Project Coordination and Tracking


Participatory Evaluation and Project Extension

  • The Journey of Change in CR
  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Documentation
  • Sharing Approaches That Work
  • Master Strategies and Replication
  • “Swamp Gravy” Story Creation


The course agenda is structured for five days. However, the essentials are taught in two days.

When is this course given

To know when the next Community Revitalization course will be given, please refer to our courses schedule.