Our Courses

Worldwide Experience

We have trained nearly 50,000 facilitators in countless countries and at the United Nations. In Japan we began training facilitators in 1987, after already using these methods successfully for a long time. Not only did we travel to many places within Japan, but also used the opportunities during our development projects, like in India, Kenya, Vietnam, the Philippines, and many more, to support and train the forgotten underprivileged people, by using our methods.


Our Vision

Through enabling people to find and act in unison based on their hopes and dreams, instead of being focused on their past experiences, step by step we can achieve worldwide lasting peace. For this, we unite and build communities to become profound and radiating this new human culture.


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Powerful methods to facilitate and build consensus.

Move beyond reliance on instinct with the two most powerful facilitation methods available on dialogue and consensus.


Practical tools to design and lead effective meetings

Load up on tools, templates and best practices to lead meetings with clear purpose and great outcomes.


Design facilitation approaches with your client Learn practical tools including assessment, contracting and design all the way through to evaluation, done collaboratively with your client.


Grassroots Whole Systems Approach

The CDI is a five-day event about community revitalization as whole systems change. This is a practical, how-to lab on tools and methods for empowering communities and groups. The key to community revitalization lies in people working together to meet changing social and economic needs. The methods in this course have been used around the world for over 40 years.


Strategic Thinking to Produce Breakthrough Actions and Commitment

Executives, managers, and consultants must maximize a group's potential to think and act strategically and find effective solutions to challenges. This course demonstrates practical techniques to get the synthesis of strategic thinking into the analysis of strategic planning. The ToP® participatory process achieves consensus among participants with diverse economic, political and cultural perspectives. For real vision instead of vague slogans, and real action instead of paper plans that gather dust, this course is a must.