What is ICA Associates Japan?


ICA Associates Japan is the facilitation and training division of The Institute of Cultural Affairs, and includes facilitators who are not staff of ICA Japan.


Worldwide Experience

Worldwide ICA has trained nearly 50,000 facilitators in countless countries and at the United Nations. In Japan we began training facilitators in 1987, and long before were using these methods widely.  Of course, they have evolved as the world's culture also evolved. We travelled from Shibetsu in Hokkaido to Okinawa, to the Sea of Japan and to Fukushima and Osaka, and many places along the path of Shinkansen.


Balancing Japan and Overseas Efforts

Opportunities to develop the forgotten underprivileged people using these methods causes us to balance international activities with in Japan training and facilitation. We do training and facilitation with every development project, ranging from India, Kenya, Vietnam, the Philippines, and many more.


Our Vision

Through enabling people to find and act in unison on their deep hopes and dreams, instead of being focused on their past experiences, we can achieve worldwide lasting Peace. One step at a time, we unite and build communities to become profound and radiating this new human culture.


Our Courses

Our courses have been taught all around the world and have proven their efficiency. Over our years of activities we have also adapted the content of those courses to run parallel with the ever-changing world.


Our Website


Our Team

Trainers tend to be global, facilitating in Japan and Overseas. Those who are active with ICA Japan and ICA Associates Japan are displayed below, as well as those coming from abroad and helping ICA Japan.

Japan Trainers with ICA Japan / ICA Japan Associates



Shizuyo Sato

Senior Consultant,

Facilitator and Trainer



Maki Tsukamoto

Assistant Facilitator



Wayne Ellsworth

Senior Consultant,

Facilitator, and Trainer


Miku Kawakami 

Assistant Facilitator

Trainers Coming to Japan in 2018 from ICA offices around the world:



Bill Staples

CTF, CPF, Senior Consultant,

and ToP Trainer



Larry Philbrook

CPF, CTF, Senior Consultant,

and ToP Trainer