What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is a decision-making and collaboration method that shall make things easier, by helping people to work with responsibility. A facilitator will enable participants of a conference or meeting to find a conclusion step by step by saying their opinion freely, without having to control them. The role of a facilitator is more comparable with the conductor of an orchestra or a referee in sports. 


What you get

Practical tools

Put your new learning to work immediately

Create involvement

Learn how to build commitment through your entire team

Get Certified

Courses are focussed on making you a Certified Professional Facilitator

Get skills that last a lifetime, and powerful results and commitment to action from your work group. We provide the support you need to be successful.

Our ToP Facilitation Programs and Courses

Consulting Services

Use our consulting service and one of our expert consultant will come to your organization, big or small, and help you connect with your clients more efficiently, develop productive and flexible team work, innovate, make better decisions and much more.

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